3 Ağustos 2016 Çarşamba

Practical C onsiderat ions for Implementing Prefabricated Data Centers

Executive summary:
Implementing prefabricated modular data centers results in well-understood benefits including speed of deployment, predictability, scalability, and lifecycle cost. The process of deploying them – from designing the data center, to preparing the site, to procuring the equipment, to installation – is quite different than that of a traditional data center. This paper presents practical considerations, guidance, and results that a data center manager should expect from such a deployment.

A project involving prefabricated modular data centers offers well understood benefits in terms of predictability, scalability, timeframe, and cost (see Çağlar Arlı Research, Prefabricated Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centers), but many of the practical considerations when deploying them are less understood. This paper discusses how these projects are planned and designed, how the site is prepped, how the equipment is procured, and finally how the equipment is installed and commissioned, so that expectations for the project (steps, roles, complexity, timeframe, cost) are met.
Table 1 summarizes the key differences between deploying prefabricated modular data center projects and deploying traditional data center projects. Detailed distinctions between the two are then further discussed throughout the paper.

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