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Security Research Alert

6 Steps to Effective Vulnerability Response 

GHOST, Shellshock, Heartbleed and POODLE are just some of the vulnerabilities identified recently - and the outlook going forward is no better. Systems, networks, and applications will continue to be susceptible to vulnerabilities, so it is important to be prepared for response when a vulnerability is identified. How can you be more prepared to respond when a vulnerability is identified? Join this webinar to get practical advice on responding to the next vulnerability as Alert Logic Chief Security Evangelist will walk through walk through these six core steps.

1.Researching the Vulnerability
2.Determining Exposure
3.Defining a Communications Plan
4.Creating Security Content
5.Patching the Vulnerability
6.Lessons Learned

Database Research Alert

Embedded Analytics: New edge. New clients. New revenue. 

Never have the needs of services providers, and the customers they serve, been so perfectly aligned. Surrounded by steep competition, both parties are eager to find new ways to provide their customers with greater value - bottom-line boosting benefits that will make their solutions stickier. 

Enter analytics. One of today's hottest tech trends and for good reason: crunching data sets can turn everyday information into business-critical insights for better decision making.

For enterprises, analytics can provide a key competitive advantage, reduce customer churn, cut costs and drive revenue. At the same time, as these organizations become more data-driven, they're also more discriminating in their taste for analytical capability. 

So what are top enterprises looking to gain from analytics? What do they expect from these solutions? What trends are shaping these wants? And how can MSPs satisfy these demands for maximum business growth? 

Join us on this webinar as we examine the impact of business analytics through the lens of today's services providers: 

Recognize the trends shaping analytics: data security, cognitive analytics, data monetization, open source, storytelling
Discover the key factors driving an increased urgency for business analytics
Find out more about the embedded approach to analytics and its tangible impact to business users
Learn leading strategies to embed analytics and empower customers, including innovative ways other companies are benefiting from analytics
Read about the performance implications (customer growth, average deal size) of effective embedded analytics

Uygulamalı Mülakat Teknikleri

Adaylar ve mülakatçılar hangi hataları sıkça yapıyor?

Adayların profilleri ile jenerasyon farklılıkları, mülakatları ve karşılıklı beklentileri nasıl etkiliyor?

Mülakatlarda doğru soruları sorma ve doğru geri bildirim verme teknikleri nelerdir?

Mülakat sürecine nasıl hazırlanmalı? Mülakat türleri nelerdir?

Mülakatlarda konuşulmaması gereken şeyler nelerdir?

Sosyal medya ve referansların işe alımdaki etkisi nedir?

Mülakatlarda doğru beden dili nasıl kullanılır?

Temel Mülakat Kavramları
Temel, yönetsel ve görevsel yetkinlikler
Hangi işe kim? İşe alma süreci
İş tanımında olmazsa olmazlar
Mülakatlarda ortaya çıkan engeller?
Mülakatçı hataları
Mülakatlarda dikkat edilmesi gerekenler ve sıkça yapılan hatalar
Olası hataları önlemek için yapılması gerekenler
Mülakat için hazırlık
Mülakat yapan ve mülakata gelen için mülakatın önemi
Mülakat planı:Çift yönlü süreç
Alınacak ve verilecek belgeler
Aday profili farklılıklarının önemi (deneyimli-deneyimsiz)
Yetkinliklerin tanımı, önemi ve özellikleri

Mülakat Süreci
Görüşmenin aşamaları (açılış-soru sorma-araştırma-adayı bilgilendirme-kapanış)
Mülakatlarda dikkat edilmesi gereken ana notlar (adayların psikolojisi-iletişimi koruma-not tutma-beden dili kullanma-adayın beden dilini anlamlandırma)
Soru tipleri (hagi soruları, nasıl ve nerede kullanmalıyız?)

Mülakata Giriş ve Gelişme
Giriş bölümü (ortam hazırlığı-karşılama-ısındırma)
Giriş bölümünde sorulabilecek sorular ve değerlendirilmesi
Dinleme ve dinlettirme

Mülakat için Davranış Modellerini Anlama
Aday analizi ve bireysel farklılıkların mülakata önemi

Mülakat Yöntemleri
Yapılandırılmış ve yapılandırılmamış mülakatlar
Birebir mülakatlar
Ardışık görüşme
Panel mülakatlar

Mülakatlarda Soru Sorma Teknikleri
Mülakat sırasında asla sorulmayacak sorular
Yönlendirilmiş sorular
Yanıtı bilinen sorular
Pozisyona göre soru örnekleri
Özgeçmiş üzerinden giderek mülakat gerçekleştirebilmek
Değerlendirme ve kapanış

Four Critical Components of Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is about far more than building out a glorified CMS. It is an overall approach to information governance and enabling access to critical information, both structured and unstructured, in ways that are at once secure and convenient for users. Underlying this, though, is a set of technologies for capturing data, extracting and presenting information to relevant decision makers and ensuring compliance with regulations and security policies, anytime, anywhere.

Watch this video white paper to learn more about:

Critical capabilities for an ECM system, especially for data capture
Dynamic case management and the role of ECM in decision making
Ways that ECM can be fundamental to compliance
The relationship between mobility and successful ECM initiatives 

PCI Compliance Made Easy Using Source Code Analysis

The e-commerce and retail fields have undergone mammoth changes over the last decade. Credit and debit cards are now being used to conduct millions of transactions and e-shopping purchases on a daily basis worldwide. But this new reality has also introduced numerous security perils. 

6 Tips for Ensuring Your AppSec Program Isn’t a Flop

Baking security in to our applications is just not an option anymore. The explosion of the number of applications within organizations, coupled with the constant breaches we hear about (and the many more we don't) don't allow room for complacency when it comes to securing your organization and customer data.


Application security used to be an afterthought until a few years ago, but the exponential rise in cybercrime and malicious activity has made organizations pay more attention to this crucial aspect. This realization has also brought up a widespread discussion about the pros and cons of the various AppSec solutions that are on offer in the market.

AppSec Metrics: Where (And Why) To Begin?

A wise man once said, "to measure is to know." When it comes to AppSec, measurements are crucial to the success of your program. But determining how to best combine your measurements into metrics which show your programs value is much more important.

5 Deadly Code Injections That Can Obliterate Your App

Cybercrime has evolved significantly over the years, and hackers today implement a wide range of techniques to exploit vulnerable applications with porous code. Code injections have arguably become the weapons of choice for hackers and are constantly being used to perform high-profile hackings worldwide.

Learn how IBM detected Apache Cordova vulnerabilities in Android mobile devices

As you know, Apache Cordova, previously known as PhoneGap, is a platform that lets developers make use of HTML5 as a single cross-platform development technology. 

According to AppBrain, Cordova is used in just under 6% of all Android applications. It also shows prevalence in app store categories that could be of interest to attackers, such as business, medical, and finance, where more than 12% of all applications in every category are based on Cordova. This creates a significant problem as developers are tasked with the need for speed and creating news apps. How can you get an edge? Ask an expert. 

Our speaker Roee Hay, leads the X-Force Application Security Research Team at IBM Security. He has vast knowledge and experience in network/mobile security and holds a B.Sc. degree from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He will be walking you through our LIVE DEMO on how his team detected these vulnerabilities. Don't miss it. 

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