30 Mayıs 2015 Cumartesi

Database Research Alert

Embedded Analytics: New edge. New clients. New revenue. 

Never have the needs of services providers, and the customers they serve, been so perfectly aligned. Surrounded by steep competition, both parties are eager to find new ways to provide their customers with greater value - bottom-line boosting benefits that will make their solutions stickier. 

Enter analytics. One of today's hottest tech trends and for good reason: crunching data sets can turn everyday information into business-critical insights for better decision making.

For enterprises, analytics can provide a key competitive advantage, reduce customer churn, cut costs and drive revenue. At the same time, as these organizations become more data-driven, they're also more discriminating in their taste for analytical capability. 

So what are top enterprises looking to gain from analytics? What do they expect from these solutions? What trends are shaping these wants? And how can MSPs satisfy these demands for maximum business growth? 

Join us on this webinar as we examine the impact of business analytics through the lens of today's services providers: 

Recognize the trends shaping analytics: data security, cognitive analytics, data monetization, open source, storytelling
Discover the key factors driving an increased urgency for business analytics
Find out more about the embedded approach to analytics and its tangible impact to business users
Learn leading strategies to embed analytics and empower customers, including innovative ways other companies are benefiting from analytics
Read about the performance implications (customer growth, average deal size) of effective embedded analytics

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