19 Haziran 2015 Cuma

Are FTSE 100 executives cyber-literate? It's a tricky question | Microsoft revamps the C-Suite as Nadella's mobile plus cloud drive continues‏

Cumbria Constabulary replaces frontline officers' notepads with mobiles
All of the force's 1,130 frontline staff will be given a 4G Samsung Galaxy Note 4s this year
Dynatrace and Keynote merge to form largest APM company in the world
Combined companies have 7,500 customers including Google, Microsoft,Thomas Cook, Experian, Top Right Group and Thomson Reuters
SAS automates data modeling for fast analysis
SAS Factory Miner can automate the buidling of data models and pick the best ones to predict the future
LinkedIn says private bug bounty program works for it better
Vetting researchers prior to them submitting bugs means getting higher quality reports, LinkedIn said
Cisco to make $10 billion investment in China
Investment up but Cisco sales down in China as government raises cybersecurity concerns over US tech
Oracle profit slides 24 percent as customers move to the cloud
The move to cloud isn't easy for traditional software giants

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