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Dongle Professional

Dinkey Pro/FD is a sophisticated system designed to protect your software from illegal copying and enforce the terms of your software's licence.

Use Dinkey Pro/FD to lock your software to a dongle so that each time you run your protected program, it will check for the presence of the dongle. If the right dongle is found, the program will be executed, otherwise it will not run. PDF files can now also be protected with these devices.

Dinkey Pro/FD can be used to protect both 32-bit and 64-bit software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux on any x86 or x64 platform. PDF documents can also be protected for use on Windows.

Main Features

No need to install drivers.
Dongle hardware based on smart card technology that is proven to be very secure and is widely used in the security industry.
Communication between your software and the dongle uses very strong encryption techniques: a mixture of RSA encryption and strong 128-bit encryption. Using RSA encryption means that even if a hacker discovered the public key in our software then they could not work out the private key in the dongle. This means it is not possible to emulate the hardware dongle.
Many techniques to improve the security between your code and our code. This is lacking in many dongle systems but it is often the weakest part that hackers exploit. For example, you can encrypt all the parameters you pass to our API. This is not possible with any other dongle protection system.
Plus and Net model dongles contain an 8KB secure data area hidden to the end user and accessible only via your protected software using our API.
Plus and Net model dongles can be used to encrypt or decrypt data you pass to them. All encryption is executed in the dongle itself.
Strong anti-debug code, a hallmark of all our software protection systems.
A Shell wrapper that can protect and encrypt all Windows executables applications (including .NET assemblies) automatically, without having to modify any source code.
The Dongles

We offer two different types of dongles: Dinkey Pro and Dinkey FD. Each dongle type is available in three different models: Lite, Plus and Net.

The flexibility of the Dinkey Pro/FD allows you to protect software that will work with any and all combinations of type and model.

Dinkey Pro mini dongle
Dinkey Pro Mini Case
Dongle Types

Dinkey Pro standard dongle
Dinkey Pro Standard Case
Dinkey Pro is new range of driverless USB security keys (dongles) offering improved security and functionality over the original Dinkey series. Based on smart card technology, the Dinkey Pro is extremely secure, using powerful encryption algorithms and strong authentication techniques.

Dinkey FD is a new range that combines a very secure, driverless dongle and 8GB flash drive in one USB device. This enables you to distribute your software on a flash disk, which also acts as the dongle protecting your software.

Dinkey FD dongle
Dinkey FD
Dongle Models

Lite dongles allow you to protect your software simply and quickly without the need to program dongles.

Plus dongles not only allow you to protect your software, but also to enforce licence terms and store your own secure data. For example, one of the many things that you could do is to put an expiry date on one of your programs. You also have the facility to alter these protection parameters remotely. So, for example, at a later date you could change the expiry date on your program just by issuing a code over the telephone to your customer.

Net dongles have all the features of the Plus, and in addition allow you to use one dongle per network instead of one dongle per machine. In addition, you can control the number of network users using your protected software at any one time.

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